Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Escaping reality -- or finding it for a few brief hours?

Lately I wonder, "Am I depressed, or is this the way the whole god-damned country's feeling," i.e., maybe I'm actually really quite normal?

I mean, the dems and repugs haven't even officially nominated their party's candidates for the 2008 presidential election. They're just 'presumptives,' yet it seems the race is on.

And so the slings and arrows have been flying already, two months before the official presidential race begins.

I realize what a dirty word "liberal" has been so successfully made into by the extreme Right. Christ, they even hate some war heroes and the American Civil Liberties Union. While it is the goal of these extremists to dismantle all fucking laws of the land save for the ones they've written to protect their own asses, I shouldn't be surprised. But obviously I'm insane, hence my depression.

But to scare the shit out of Kansas voters, republicans have labeled Obama the "Most Liberal Senator" in their attack ads. That confuses me because Obama says he can abide with and vote for the senate's impending decision to further erode our Fourth Amendment by granting immunity to telecoms for illegally eavesdropping on Americans, thereby pardoning the Bush administration for their part in the whole ugly and illegal scheme.

So what does that make a senator Dodd or Feingold who are willing to filibuster against such a bill? Extremists? Traitors? Communists bastards or, maybe, they're just defenders of the original rights granted us under our former Constitution, the liberal bastards! I know, I know! These are irrational questions by someone who's obviously lost their mental equilibrium. It's the reason I shy away from politics.

To save my receding hairline from advancing faster than it already is (by pulling my hair out), Mrs. Dada and I agreed it would be nice to get out of town yesterday afternoon. Hence, we arranged to meet with dear friends in Las Cruces for a mid-afternoon lupper (lunch/supper) over some excellent crafted beers.

Having been too long since our last visit to the best microbrewery within 190 miles of El Paso (to include El Paso), we agreed to rendezvous at the High Desert Brewing Co.

Here then are a couple of photos from yesterday's jaunt.

If you look both ways before stepping off the curb to take a picture outside the High Desert (probably zoned for light industrial enterprise), look east, aim, and shoot, you'll come out with something like this. This then is a picture of the beautiful Organ Mountains that cradle Las Cruces and the Mesilla Valley.

I have a particular affection for the Organ Mountains, having spent three years of my life nestled in their bosom and protected from the Vietnam war on their eastern side on isolated White Sands Missile Range.

A small unpresumptuous sign above a small unpresumptuous building announces you have found the High Desert Brewing Company. My first time here, I didn't realize the thrill of my discovery until departing it and looking back at this sign. I knew then I had found something truly special!

A small front "porch" patio welcomes visitors before entering. It was deserted when we arrived at 3:30, but occupied by more than a few as we were leaving.

Someone once said, "I drink to make other people interesting." I suppose there's some validity to that elsewhere, but I've never found that to be necessary here. The High Desert is always populated with interesting people. From many visits over the years, Mrs. Dada and I have entered strangers, soon to find ourselves among friends.

I believe it was Humphrey Bogart who said, "The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind." Maybe that's what prompted me to say in reply to the waiter's welcome as we entered the High Desert, "Feel free to sit anywhere you like," with "Oh, wow, a place where one of our few remaining freedoms still exist!" I detected sounds of approval from some, and craning necks from others to see who the hell had just said that.

At the High Desert, a vast majority of patrons always appreciate those freedoms we still retain. More than the great beer, that's what makes it *so special*!



Cart said...

Given the angst generated sorting the liberal conservatives from the conservative liberals; progressives from socialists; even conservatives from socialists calls for a little lubrication.
Here's lookin' at you! Cheers

dada said...

Amen, Cart! I got a feeling I'll be making many more trips than usual to the High desert over the next five months. (That is, if the petrol holds out and we can still afford it.)

Border Explorer said...

Thanks for sharing your mini-vacation. I always love your photography.

Utah Savage said...

I'm happy for you that you got away and enjoyed the trip, but I'm most interested in your thoughts about politics. I am certified. Really certified disabled due to my precarious mental health. So are you joking about depression, or are you really depressed? I actually think it takes a bit of craziness to think things are peachy in America these days. And a lot of people who care about the body politic are justifiably and rationally depressed. I mean depressed. We are in deep shit and it will take a long time to swim out of it. So anyone who's paying the least little attention to the political season is suffering and worried. Now is not the time to give up, give in, or stop caring. We are students of history and as such have an obligation to do what- ever we can to make sure that John McCain is not our next President, and that the bastards who got us here and lied us into a war, and stole a couple of Presidential elections, and shredded our Constitution be held accountable for their crimes. Wexler is trying to help Cucinich get a hearing on articles of Impeachment. I was on the phone for an hour last night in a nation wide conference call with Congressman Wexler. He took questions and we could ask whatever we wanted. We took polls about who we felt were most responsible for the crimes committed by this administration and it was 89% Dick Cheney. Worst crime, 78% thought lying us into a war of choice, 15% thought torture was the worst crime. It was a most interesting and informative hour. Yes, Wexler is pimping his book, but he is the next big thing in the Democratic Party, and I predict he will run for Pres. He is smart as hell. His book is entitled, "Wild Eyed Liberal" or "Fire Breathing Liberal" or something like that. He wants to change the dialogue about what is is to be a liberal, a progressive. I have been a member of the ACLU since I was in my thirties. I love the ACLU, I carry my card proudly. I sign petitions, write letters, make phone calls, because if this country is stolen from us, it won't be without a fight.

dada said...

B.E. - Thanks for the kind words. I guess I enjoy putting together these little "travel" blogs - the photos, and impressions of place I come away with - more than any other blogs here. (I should get out more!)

Utah: Oh, I'm depressed alright. Not clinically, but in the sense of the mass depression brought on by the "deep shit" most of us realize we're in.

And I think many feel much of this nation has already been stolen from us. If so, the question that we must answer is, "How the hell are we going to steal it back?"

I appreciate Kucinich, Wexler and other pols -- far too rare -- as well as people such as yourself, B.E. and others who drop by this blog and, each in different ways,
are acting to bring some badly needed changes if we are to salvage this damn mess.

eProf2 said...

Thanks, Dada, for the pics of the High Desert Brewing Company. We've talked about this place before but I wasn't picturing it in my mind quite like the reality. Kind of like the situation we're in today in the US -- the reality is much different from the way we'd like to see our country or do see it in our mind's eye.

eProf2 said...

Dada, I've nominated you for the Arte y Pico award as one of the five best blogs on the Internet. I would have sent you an email describing the award but I don't have an address for you. So, please stop by my blog to pick up your award. I know how you really don't like these kinds of things, like the meme games, but I think this goes one step beyond a pyramid scheme. And, I nominated you because I truly do enjoy your blog and it is one of the five places I don't miss when I'm looking for my daily (not dally) dose of what's happening in the world or at least in the western Texas.

D.K. Raed said...

Another great photo tour & commentary (and I thought you'd never surpass the one below). I know I'm late here, so just wanted to say how inspiring those jaggedy mtns are. If you are insane, we should all be so insane (which BTW the redhead down below might just be if she was out in that sun without sunscreen).


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